Kingman Letters: Leave majority out of it



Some interesting facts - I would be willing to bet that most have not seen these.

Source: New York Times - Sept. 13, 2013.

1. In 2012, 15.4 percent of people had no health insurance. This was down from 15.7 percent in 2011.

2. "The proportion of Hispanics who were uninsured last year declined by a percentage point, to 29.1 percent. But it was still much higher than the comparable rates for blacks (19 percent), Asian-Americans (15.1 percent) and non-Hispanic whites (11.1 percent)." Be careful here. That's based on the percent of each ethnic group's total population.

3. Reference The New York Times, Dec. 12, 2012:

Population - Non-Hispanic Whites 199.6 million; Hispanic 53.3 million; Black 41.2 million, Asian 15.9 million (Total: 310 million).

4. Reference The Urban Institute: 11.6% of all children are uninsured - Hispanic 21.1 percent; Black 13 percent; Asian 9.4 percent; Non-Hispanic White 7.6 percent.

5. Reference Index Mundi: 24 percent of the U.S. population is under 18.

You can draw all the conclusions you want from this data but the current result of the shutdown is clear. We now have 100 percent of the American population affected because of 15 percent of the population.

If you must, why not fix the 15 percent and leave the other 85 percent out of it?

Monte Wilson

Valle Vista