Letter: Plenty of wins with wolves

I read with interest about the Mexican wolves and how they shouldn't be allowed to expand their territory. Really? How do you propose to bring an animal back from eradication, a wild animal, and tell them to stay in a little square?

We've seen the improvements in the Yellowstone ecosystem related directly to the return of wolves, so how can his being there be a bad thing? Cattle ranchers do have to keep a closer eye on their cattle, but since disease or weather seem to be the major killers, maybe this will help with the losses from that and will also keep wolves away. Coyotes and dogs take more livestock than wolves and wolves keep the coyote population in check, so that's a win also.

The condors at the Grand Canyon would also win because they would be able to scavenge healthy food instead of the lead-filled gut piles hunters leave behind. If ranchers aren't willing to bend, maybe it's time to retire their grazing rights. We can't kill every animal we don't like, and we sure can't do a better job managing the wilderness than Mother Nature does.

Kathy Cheatham

Laveen, Ariz.