Letter: Care for veterans suffering

For 13 years I have been using the Kingman VA Outpatient Clinic. Having served in the U.S. Navy, I am entitled to some VA benefits! Recently, due to all of the federal budget cuts, services have decreased a whole bunch!

The number of veterans needing help (due to all of the global conflicts American has entered into) has increased beyond the clinic's capability. Now they want American service people to get into another foreign country's conflict. We and the United Nations already sent this country over $8 billion in aid.

Next, I recently had cause to visit the Kingman VA Clinic. Not meaning to degrade foreign doctors, I'm sure there are many very good ones, but I did not have personal contact with a doctor, but was put on a video teleconference from who knows where? He was not an American, and I wonder if he served in the United States Armed Forces. His English was very poor and difficult to understand, and mostly none of my physical problems were rectified.

Come on, America! Wake up and do something to accommodate the people who have served and sacrificed for you!

Dan Minor

Golden Valley