Letter of thanks: Out with a KABAM!

The 10th Annual KABAM! (Kingman Area Books Are Magic) Fest has now come to a close. Each year, KABAM! brings our community together to celebrate the fun and adventure of reading. This year, five featured authors and poets were invited to participate, including visits to six local schools. We thank Guy Porfirio, Jesse Parent, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Carol Hogan and Sharon Skinner for sharing their talents.

We very much appreciate support from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Libraries Ltd., Kingman Regional Medical Center, Mohave Library Alliance, the city of Kingman, Mohave County Library, Mohave County One-Stop Career Center, Mohave County Community Services, Taco Bell, Beale Street Brews and Mayor Janet Watson for all of their support.

Thanks also to our steering committee, and many performers and volunteers, without whose effort this event would not be possible. They are Bruce Carter, Gail Johnston, Debbie Rusk, Alex Ball, Barbara Patterson, Joan Abraham, Chelaine Hoffer, Adele Maxson, Beth Weisser, Mikel Weisser, Stephanie Ciofalo, Kristi Turman, Gina Marin, Kaley Johnston, Elexis Richmond, Lauren Marakas and Ruthie the Bomb Dog, Jonnie Blake, Roger Casanova, Christina Tatalovich, Donna Cat and Geri, Alan Bensch, Arizona Youth Partnership - Harbor House volunteers, Sam Gale, Valaree Gale, Bill Losinger, Jessica Hall, Tyler Hall, Marion Brillati, Jeanne Kolander, Julie Huelsbeck, Karin Larrimore, Edith Pando, Debbie Hall, Dr. and Mrs. John Pennell, Maria Gonzales, Thomas Davis, Natalie Todd and anyone else who was unintentionally not named here.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate reading and literacy in the Kingman area!

Trish Cobb

Kingman Area Books are Magic Festival

Steering Committee