Letter: DUI evidence is all around

For some time, I have been going out and picking up aluminum cans along the roads in my area. What bothers me is that better than 95 percent of the cans that I pick up are beer cans. Not to mention all the beer bottles that I don't pick up. That tells me that there are a lot of people drinking and driving.

A few weeks ago I called the law library. I was curious what the penalty was for drinking and driving. The lady I talked to sent me information. The penalty is very steep. If you get an extreme DUI, you will go to jail. If you cause an accident and someone gets injured, you will go to prison.

I would like to ask you drivers who think it is cool to enjoy that beer on your way home from work - don't you think you will get caught? Someday, you will get caught. When you do get caught, think about your job. Who will pay the rent or put food on the table and pay the rest of the monthly household expenses while you are in jail or prison?

If you get a DUI and your blood alcohol is 0.08, you will get a hefty fine. Your insurance rates will probably triple if not get canceled. Whenever you think about having that beer while driving, think of the severe consequences.

Ronney Case

Golden Valley