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11:27 PM Wed, Nov. 14th

Letter: Easy to fake it on Facebook

I understand why the Miner is requesting to be linked with Facebook accounts, but the reasoning behind it is completely flawed. Let me explain why.

Having retired some years ago, we moved to Kingman three years ago from Phoenix. Shortly after moving here, my health failed, so we don't get out much and as a result don't know anyone in town - so I spend entirely too much time on the computer.

Because of family back East I started a Facebook account and found games there that fill part of my time and as a result ended up with over 4,000 "friends."

Having talked to a countless number of these friends, they have admitted they were running bogus "gaming accounts" and they were not using their real names, hometowns, jobs, etc., to protect their identity.

Out of 4,000-plus "friends," I'd be real surprised if 100 of them are real. So in the end, using Facebook as a way to confirm one's identity is virtually useless.

S.R. Turnblom