Beyond the Mainstream Media: America Is A Stain On The World? Really?

Interesting timing that a report just came out excoriating the United States for torturing terrorists a dozen years ago under the Bush administration.

Interesting that this report came out after the recent mid-term elections where the Republicans made the biggest gains in 100 years, throwing Democrats out right and left, not only in Congress but in governor races as well.

Interesting that it came out at the same time MIT Professor Gruber was found out telling friendly audiences how he and Obama tricked the American public to get Obamacare pushed through. Gruber repeatedly called Americans stupid and explained how a lack of transparency covered up facts, such as how the healthy young would pay the price for the elderly ill. In fact, this new report on "torturing" terrorists came out on the very day Gruber was hauled before a hearing to account for his words.

Gruber's testimony was hardly noticed because of the bait and switch of Committee Chairman Diane Feinstein, on the Senate floor, telling the world AND OUR ENEMIES WORLDWIDE, how evil we are.

The double whammy, this combined with race baiters DOJ Eric Holder, President Obama, and Al Sharpton (not in prison in spite of owing $4.5 million in back taxes, he now advises the POTUS in the White House about the evils of whites) is all designed to cover up the real stain on the world - the trampling of our Christian country, our morals and our Constitution by Barack Obama in every imaginable way.

Repeated lies, changing the Obamacare law by simply declaring 30 plus changes, causing many deaths due to his unbelievably disastrous foreign policy, allowing terrorists into the White House, illegally granting amnesty to millions of illegals which we will pay for in money and more health problems, ignoring the cries of friendly Iranians trying to overthrow their government to obtain freedom and instead siding with the evil at the head of that country, taking our national debt up to $18 TRILLION (a 70 percent increase under Obama), and on and on and on.

Add to this, Breitbart News has information that Obama will also allow terrorists to enter our country and stay while we look the other way, ask no questions. Hard to believe? So is allowing our people to die at Benghazi but it happened. Hard to believe? We don't even know who Obama really is but he has been our POTUS for six years. Hard to believe? Obama and Holder put guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels without even tracking them. 300 innocent Mexicans were killed with those guns, and for what purpose?

In other words, a rogue president for the first time in our history continually needs to set fires to take the focus off his disastrous presidency using more of his Alinsky training.

FACT: Three terrorists were water boarded. THREE! Thousands died in the Twin Towers in New York City, dozens making the horrible choice to jump to their deaths out the windows than be burned to death. Me, after water-boarding the three, I would have taken them to the tallest building I could find and made them jump too. But then, I'm mean. I'm real mad that a bunch of Muslims hijacked planes and drove them into our Twin Towers, Pentagon and would have hit the White House had not more mean, selfish Americans willingly died to keep that from happening.

FACT: Democrats were apprised of this waterboarding before it happened. None disapproved, including Nancy Pelosi who later lied about that. (She didn't know Gruber, either - except she repeatedly quoted and praised him years before).

FACT: Qurans were destroyed in Gitmo? Christians have been destroyed in Muslim countries, thousands/millions of them, their churches and Bibles burned, and all too many directly connected to the failed foreign policy of the Obama administration.

FACT: While in custody, Muslim men were made fun of by female American soldiers.

Some Muslims, of course, believe women are chattel to be used and abused. To have American soldiers over them disturbs them. What disturbs me is their fellow ISIS fanatics, when they have Americans in custody, behead them while filming it, distributing the video to the entire world. They also behead women and children, after they have raped and abused them. Raping young boys in the Muslim world by grown men is a not uncommon practice.

FACT: Sleep deprivation is torture? Many Americans, under this administration, are being forced to work more than one job. I know a Kingman woman, 65, who works two full time jobs, drives to Lake Havasu for one job and delivers pizza in her off hours to make it. Sleep deprived is a way of life for her.

But WE are a stain on the world, according to California Sen. Diane Feinstein?

I remember with fondness the pictures of our American soldiers in WWII picking up war-torn children in French towns, giving them candy bars and hugging them tight. I remember pictures of soldiers liberating death camps where the Nazis slaughtered millions of God's chosen people, the Jews, handing lit cigarettes through the fences as the emaciated were being brought out.

I remember stories of our soldiers building schools in Afghanistan so little girls could attend, a job they were never intended to do when they signed up but they did anyway.

And I remember more recently that while Obama is ripping our military to shreds, downsizing to before WWII numbers, getting rid of dozens of generals, then even handing out pink slips to soldiers still on the battlefield, telling them they are being thrown out of the military while he brings in illegals to join our military, he sends thousands of our troops to West Africa to help them fight Ebola.

But WE are a stain on the world, we who are the first country in the history of the entire world to fight our own people to free black slaves?

This "torture report" is going to backfire big time. The real torture is having Obama in the White House in the first place. We will remedy that in two years if not sooner by impeachment. Obama deserves that on his resume.

Call Feinstein and McCain's office to tell them of your appreciation of their throwing our country, the greatest country on earth, under the bus.