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3:39 AM Wed, Nov. 21st

Letter: MCSO: Driver was neglectful

The second-hand information contained in the letter to the editor from Lori Gabriel-Dane on Jan. 27 was far from the truth of the incident.

A deputy sheriff made a traffic stop on a vehicle for expired plates in a residential area north of Kingman at 2 p.m. The license plate and vehicle identification number were checked and it was discovered the license plate on the vehicle was not only expired but suspended and the insurance had been canceled.

The vehicle should not have been on the road, period. The driver stated it was a loaner from a company on Bank Street. The driver had no paperwork on the vehicle, no insurance card, no registration and nothing to show who the car belonged to. A tow truck was called to tow the vehicle, since it could not legally be moved by driving.

While waiting for the tow truck, the deputy advised the driver that the car was going to be towed and to try to contact someone for a ride.

A call was made by the driver. Prior to the tow truck's arrival, the deputy offered to call someone for the driver if she had not contacted someone for a ride. The driver declined and said she was going to walk to the corner and wait for her ride, and she left the scene on her own.

If the driver of this vehicle was in an accident, whether it was her fault or not, who pays? We all do. This vehicle was neither registered nor insured. It is incidents like this that make insurance rates rise for all responsible drivers.

It was neglectful on the driver's part to be driving a vehicle with absolutely no documentation showing where the vehicle came from or who it belonged to, and it was extremely irresponsible for a business to put a customer in a vehicle that has no valid registration and no insurance due to cancellation.

Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan said, "The deputy took the appropriate action by responsibly removing this car from our roadways."

Trish Carter

Public Information Specialist

Mohave County Sheriff's Office