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12:14 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Letter: Emperor in chief

The president's State of the Union address was just more of the same rhetoric. The president is again promising to dictate his policies through executive orders, going around the Congress and ignoring the Constitution.

His disregard for the Constitution and the laws of our country are not only unacceptable but downright illegal.

I hate to be the one to tell the president he is not a king, an emperor nor a dictator. He is only a president and as such is bound by the Constitution that he swore under oath to serve.

It appears the Congress and the Supreme Court are afraid to do anything about it. I don't blame them, as they would be labeled "racist" by those who play the race card when they have nothing else to use except calling and labeling people names.

It is time for the Congress to stand up for the Constitution and put a stop to the illegal and unconstitutional dictates of the "emperor in chief."

Sandee Samoska