Kingman Letters: Exercise your common sense

Sometime back I was listening to a group of people on television about how much more education is needed in our country. Then someone else popped up and said, "What is needed are people who know how to use pure and simple common sense." I thought, how true! That is something that needs to be exercised.

A few weeks ago a woman made a smart remark when she was getting ready to go to Africa. That remark cost her her job. Some lawmaker made a remark about the Arizona Cardinals winning a football game. He really caught a lot of flak.

Recently, I heard about someone putting on Facebook about a trip they were going on, when they were leaving, etc. Guess what? When they returned home, their house was empty.

What on Earth is the matter with people? People need to think before they open their mouths. There is a saying that I was taught years ago when I was growing up: when you speak, if you speak at all, carve each word before you let it fall.

I have never forgotten that saying.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley