Letter of thanks: Above and beyond

On Dec. 22, while being walked, our 10-pound dog was viciously attacked by two large dogs in the 4200 block of Irving. Fortunately no one else was seriously injured; however a 10-pound dog is no match for aggressive large dogs.

Our injured dog was taken to Kingman Animal Hospital, where he received emergency treatment and was kept for five days. While there, he was in the caring hands of Dr. Rupinski, Dr. Angone and their staff. We were updated every day via phone on our pet's status and visitation was encouraged anytime during business hours and even on Christmas Day.

Our thanks go out to the veterinarians and vet techs who cared for him in our absence and provided specific instructions on medications and physical therapy needed when we brought him home. They even have equipment to provide laser treatments, which have helped tremendously with his spinal trauma. He has gone from no feeling in his hindquarters to slowly regaining the ability to walk unassisted. Full recovery is still down the road, however, with continued therapy and TLC from us and those at the animal hospital, we are expecting a positive outcome. Kingman Animal Hospital went above and beyond their required duty in the care of their patient.

Bill and Linda Miller