Kingman Letters: Scam with a check

I want to inform people out there of a scam that is going around. Recently we recieved a letter from Toronto, Canada, from a place which calls themselves Communication Lottery Sweepstakes. They sent us a cashier's check for $3,691.42, which looked like a real check, and said we were winners of Communication Lottery Sweepstakes Million Dollar Drawing, and our phone number drew lucky numbers and won $250,000,00. The check they sent was part of it and we were supposed to send $3000.00 of it back for taxes, shipping, and handling.

The cashier's check was supposed to be from a Credit Union called "Smart Financial" out of Houston, Texas, which I looked up on the Internet and called. The cashier's check was bogus, as they didn't have a check with the number that was on the check, and it was a scam.

When you win a lottery, the taxes and anything else are withheld from your winnings, and you will never be asked to send them any money to get your winnings.

There are a lot of scams going on out there with this going on, especially over the phone. I've had a lot of callers doing the same thing as this letter, wanting money in order for them to deliver large sums of money that I've supposedly won. The only people that get any money here is the one's that get people to fall for their scams.

Have people beware of these types of things going on!

James H. Frost III