Letter: Injured animal policy needs to go

Dear Mr. Dickinson [superintendent of the Lake Mead National Recreational Area],

This morning I read an article by Don Martin in the Kingman Daily Miner that was about the injured animal policy, and I am very disturbed about the content. [Nature page, Jan. 22 and 29].

I am sure you are well aware of the black mare that was first spotted near the Coehnour Loop Road that was (and possibly still is) in a serious condition due to the fact that her left rear leg was broken. Water is not near her location and she is undernourished. If her herd buddies could help her, I know that they would! My husband and I have had horses for 24 years.

I am appalled that the consensus appears to be "let nature take its course" and not intervene. Granted, nature can be harsh and unforgiving. While I am certainly not an expert in Game and Fish and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) matters, I do find this brutal and extremely unjust.

It is one thing to be unaware of this animal, but it is quite another to know about it and then do nothing to relieve her suffering in a humane manner (humane...referring to qualities in man as mercy, compassion and kindness.)

It is all well and good to have policies in place to help all agencies run smoothly; however, when policies and procedures take precedence over the welfare of all animals in all areas of the oversight of BLM and the Lake Mead Recreational Area, it is a sad day for all of us.

If nothing is done, perhaps this situation will be a rallying call to change some policies. As humans, are we not intentioned to be caretakers of the creatures that God has given us? Do we fall short when we let one die a slow, painful and meaningless death because we have rules and guidelines? Do we harden our hearts one more time in order to deal with "nature"?

All creatures are worthy of our best efforts on their behalf.

I am sure that BLM, Game and Fish and the Lake Mead National Recreational Area do many wonderful things, and you are probably not complimented enough on those good things. I appreciate those efforts. However, this injured animal policy needs to be revoked and then revamped.

Sylvia J. Mills