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2:44 AM Tue, Dec. 11th

Letter: Irresponsible at the dog park

To the owners of the aggressive Great Dane with black-and-white spots: As a result of your dog attacking ours this Saturday at 3 p.m. at the "doggie park" on Andy Devine, we incurred a $461 veterinarian bill.

Our dog received seven staples to his shoulder, antibiotics for 10 days, and pain medication.

The signs at the park clearly state, "No Aggressive Dogs." I am writing this in hopes that others read my message and stay away from this doggie park. We learned that veterinarians see a lot of dogs coming in with injuries as a result of irresponsible owners of aggressive dogs at the "doggie parks."

Our Shadow had to suffer today. Thank goodness his injuries are not life-threatening.

It should be noted that the owners of the Great Dane never did anything to stop their dog's attack upon Shadow. I ran over to the dog and stopped the attack. I don't think the owners even noticed, because they were too busy chatting at a table.

Upon noticing that our Shadow was injured, we called our veterinarian and immediately left the park to seek medical treatment.

These irresponsible owners of an aggressive dog have gotten off without any repercussions. Our dog has had to suffer, and we got stuck with a large bill to pay. Thank you.

Kathleen Haberland