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3:17 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Letter: Bergdahl's social promotion

I am a combat veteran and a commissioned Army officer. PFC Bergdahl was given what amounts to a social promotion while he remained a deserter.

Each promotion came at the minimum time in grade to be considered for a promotion, assuming positive results from ratings and review and promotion boards (while a deserter he was subject to none of the normal promotional requirements). Yes a deserter. I must acknowledge the first-hand reports from those who knew and served with him and knew him best at the time.

"Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released letters on Thursday from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with all seven supporting the prisoner exchange.

"Each of these military leaders emphasized a simple principle - America does not leave its troops behind," Levin said. "The unanimous support of the Joint Chiefs for securing Sergeant Bergdahl's release is a powerful statement on the importance of that commitment." (Via U.S. Senate).

Don't kid yourself. What these military leaders are really saying is, "if we want to keep our jobs, we do what the POTUS wants."

Why then do we still have a MIA/POW issue from Vietnam? Simple. We have no military leadership, including an incompetent commander-in-chief.

Also from a report: "Bergdahl will also reportedly meet with Maj. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, the officer who is investigating Bergdahl's disappearance from his post in 2009."

And the outcome will be? If Dahl wants his third star ... just guess.

If the Army does not at least court martial this PFC, it will only continue the deterioration of our military forces. How you ask? By a slap in the face of those who served honorably and by essentially calling those who witnessed and reported what he did liars.

An Army of One with leadership of None. I am not so sure that Bergdahl is the only coward in this fiasco.

Monte Wilson

Valle Vista