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1:25 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Letter: The president's diabolical scheme

President Obama has concocted a diabolic scheme to ignite the passions of the general population to make immigration reform the top priority issue for implementation. Now we see a staggering influx of illegals. Open borders forever.

On Jan. 29, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a component of the Department of Homeland Security, posted an ad on the Federal BizOpps website seeking escorts for UAC (Unaccompanied Alien Children), infant to 17 years of age, about 65,000 in total. This ad sought RFI (Response for Information) regarding the serviceable handling for transportation of these UAC's in conformance to standard government requirements, including the special needs of children. Responses must not exceed five pages with submissions written or electronic submissions via email to no later than Feb. 19.

It is clear that this dastardly debacle was pre-planned at least as far back as early January. President Obama's comments about sending them back is a lie because he knows (and he really needs them to stay to complete his plans) that an Immigration Act of 2002 says that children coming from non-contiguous countries, once they reside in the U.S. are citizens and cannot be deported. That's why he chose Central America for his source of children.

Imported diseases are now being spread throughout the U.S. (no Center for Disease Control outcry). Questions and doubts are suppressed by jack-booted (U.S. government) thugs threatening arrest or worse. Deliberately, willfully, with malice afore-thought, President Obama continues his destruction of America.

Tom Trussell

Golden Valley