Letter: Gosar responds: I'm not a liar

I was extremely disappointed in the column published on July 13, 2014, titled "Guest Column: Who's telling the truth? We'll see." The author falsely alleged that I "lied" when I addressed a question about the deportation of illegal immigrants. The author then proudly displays an opinion based on watching some television to reach the conclusion that since she did not see a story on TV, it must not be true.

Where to start? First, if the standard for fact checking is, "I did not see it on TV so it must not be true," then we are in a world of hurt. There is a lot going on in the world you will never see on TV.

Second, it is a remarkable foundation upon which to level public accusations.

Third, a genuinely concerned person would have at least called my office if they sincerely had questions about the details. The author did not.

Here is what I mentioned at the June 16 town hall in Kingman: Congress, through the Department of Homeland Security, allocates millions of dollars every fiscal year in order to fly illegal immigrants back to Mexico.

By flying the immigrants thousands of miles into Mexico, DHS believes that they are less likely to attempt another dangerous migration into the United States. Recently, illegal immigrants were also flown back to Honduras. This is an ongoing program, one I support, and it is what I was talking about.

I fully support accountability. If I ever misspeak, I will own it and correct the record. But I also insist on accountability in others. The July 13th guest column blatantly misleads my constituents. Today, I set the record straight.

U.S. Rep. Paul A. Gosar