Tigers ready to make a splash

KAHS now offering boys and girls swim teams

With the addition of boys and girls swimming by Kingman Academy High School, there will be Tigers in the pool in August.

Courtesy<BR> With the addition of boys and girls swimming by Kingman Academy High School, there will be Tigers in the pool in August.

KINGMAN - Next time you're at the pool, be wary of tigers - because Kingman Academy High has announced it will have boys and girls swim teams competing in August.

"It's a great opportunity to bring in the different aspect of sports - individual sports," said KAHS principal/athletic director Jeff Martin. "Individual sports should be a great addition for us and a place for those kids continuing from the Dolphins."

Kingman Dolphins Swim Team coach Teri Rose has been named as the coach for the Tigers, and she's going full-speed ahead to get things in order.

"It's been kind of daunting at first," Rose said. "There's a lot more work than I anticipated. Once the season gets going it will be OK, but starting from the beginning is a lot. The workload has already doubled or tripled."

These teams are the first additions to the Academy athletic department since the school joined the Arizona Interscholastic Association a year ago. Adding swim to the school's roster of sports couldn't have come soon enough for the likes of incoming senior Jacob Miyauchi.

Miyauchi has swum with the Dolphins for most of his childhood and when he entered the Academy his freshman year, which meant he couldn't swim for a high school team.

In the meantime, Miyauchi swam 1.4 miles from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco in 2010. The next day, he made the 1.2-mile swim underneath the span of the Golden Gate Bridge from Sausalito to the Paris of the West.

Miyauchi has kept on swimming and last year he completed a 12-mile swim through the Strait of Gibraltar to become the youngest American, at 16, to complete it.

Now, he gets to set his sights on the AIA and the Colorado River Region's seven other teams.

"I'm just glad to have a team," Miyauchi said. "We've been pushing to have one since I've been here and getting to have one is just great."

Miyauchi comes to Rose's mind immediately when discussing the importance of having a swim team at the Academy for the kids who attend there and who like to swim.

"The big excitement is for Jake," the coach said. "He's a senior who has been working on swimming all these years and finally he gets to swim in high school. I get to do this for these kids. It's not a job, it's a privilege."

Individual sports appear to be on the Academy radar as the school continues to research more opportunities for its student body.

"We'd like to add more individual sports," Martin said. "Track is next on our list."

For those interested in the Academy swim teams, Rose will host a parent meeting at 7:30 p.m. June 26 at the pavilion in the Del E. Webb Fitness Center.