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7:56 AM Sat, Dec. 15th

"Nothing to do in Kingman": Dispelling the Myth

Try not to hate me Arizona, but I hail from Los Angeles County. Why am I telling you this? Well, as you know, that's a big, huge metropolis of a city. So, I know all about never being bored, something always being open, and never bumping into people you know while you're out running errands. Is it all it's cracked up to be? Well, that depends on you.

I hear so many people complain that there is so little to do here, yet I can tell that most of them would be miserable somewhere more developed. You find what you expect in this world. Those of you who are miserable, I supposed you prefer it. Those of us living it up- well, we are tapping the same resources available to you!

A smaller city has a different feel to it. A slower pace. Less focus on appearances. I love it, personally. Now, that isn't to say I love the struggle our school system faces, or the lack of tourist attractions to bolster up the economy, but all things in good time! This community is always moving forward.

As far as the whole "nothing to do" argument, I am here to debunk that myth!

First, I'd like to point out that these activities are more so directed at kids, so this article has a lot of information for parents. But you do not have to be a parent to benefit from all that Kingman has to offer and truly enjoy living here. So please read on, everyone.

Parks & Recreation

The City of Kingman Parks and Recreation Department works hard to breathe new life into the Kingman community with the coming of each new season. Their catalog, which is made abundantly available all over town (free of charge) is full of activities. Whether you are 0 or 99, there is something for you in the catalog.

Family Fun Carnival Tonight, June 13, 2014

How about when you need something for everyone? Well, just last night there was just such an event hosted by Kingman Parks & Rec. The event featured carnival game booths for all to enjoy, as well as a kids craft station, a dunk tank, and a jump house. There were concessions available for purchase and prizes to be won throughout the event. Parks and Rec does offer many free events, but they really go to great lengths to put together the Summer Carnival, and the fee is nominal. And the evening usually ends with a family-friendly outdoor movie on a big screen.

This event alone gives you just a taste of how hard Parks & Rec works to make Kingman a nicer place to live - especially for our children.

Other Parks & Rec Positives

Kingman offers two public pools available for families to enjoy. Private pool rentals are available for parties, and the 4th of July will be a free "Splash Day" at the pools. The pools have been open since 5-31 and will remain open until he summer is up. Stop by the pool to get swim times, and to learn about the very reasonable pricing to swim. Lap swim and swim classes (including parent/child classes for babies and toddlers) are also available.

There are several different types of fitness classes, wellness classes, self-improvement classes, craft/skill classes, and more offered through Parks & Rec of Kingman. Weekday camps are being held for those working parents who need something to replace school for older children this summer. The camps feature a weekly destination, and the rest of the time is spent on worthwhile activities like games, sports, or crafts.

Vantastic brings art to the park! I think that says it all. FANTASTIC program! And, yes, FREE. This summer there are also cooking classes for kids, babysitting classes, CPR training classes, and more being offered. There is even a weekly meet-up for fitness walking and a weekly meet-up for kids sports; those two happenings take place at Centennial Park.

A wide range of kids sports programs are being offered, and Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course is even collaborating with Parks & Rec to bring golf to the kids of Kingman.

Finally, Parks & Rec organizes trips and excursions to exciting locations such as the Grand Canyon, the Tuscan Amphitheater, and more. All of the information is in the catalog. You can also pick one up at the Parks & Rec office.

The Annual Mighty Mud Mania event is back again. Bring your family out for a day of fun, mud, and water! This Firefighter's Park event attracts hundreds of participants of all ages. Come to watch, or jump right in! It's free, and paid concessions are made available. You can even get an event T-shirt!

This fall, look forward to another fantastic free event, the Andy Devine Days Parade. Come and celebrate the annual pro rodeo and city spirit. Later in the fall, come out for the Fall Festival, which is a Halloween-A-Palooza! Games, candy, photo ops and more! This event is free, and there are games that you can pay for.

Now, I know this blog is going to be your go-to from now on, but I still want to let you in on the ways I keep my family going. is a great resource. It has most of the Parks and Rec events on its calendar, but it has even more. Each event featured in their calendar is shown with pricing information, days and times, and contact information in most cases.

Another great resource to tap into is the local library branch. No only will you be met with a truly wonderful staff of employees who, for the most part, are eager to be helpful, but you will also find a great book collection. Even if you don't find what you want, chances are they can get it for you in no time. Also, their youth department uses the summer to get kids engaged as much as possible with the library. This summer, there are multiple story times, crafts, movies, and other activities being offers for kids 0-18. There are also adult craft classes year-round, and story time for the little ones is year-round.

Kingman does have a great Parks & Rec department, a great library, and a great informational website. It also has great weather, beautiful views (mountains all the way around, and never-ending blue skies). Kingman is also centrally located - just a 20-mile jaunt from the beautiful Hualapai Mountains, and within an hour's drive from the Colorado River and multiple lakes.

So, the next time you want to try to tell me that there is "nothing to do here," think again. Then, get out and go for a walk on the beautiful, shaded trail at Centennial Park, or do the longer trail through town (start anywhere along it, but I like to join that one at Walleck Ranch Park on Willow. Hit the library and grab a book, go out to eat at one of the many great restaurants I didn't even mention. Take your kids swimming or for a day-trip to Bullhead City. There really is plenty here for a person to lead a fulfilling life. But, that person has to get out and live it.

This Weekend in Kingman

If you go to and click "Upcoming Events", then the "Event Calendar," you will see a display of the current month and all of its events. Tonight (Saturday, June 14), you can check out Siren's 5 Year Anniversary Lobster Party, or maybe you attended the Mohave County Democrats Annual Picnic (if you are one of, you know ... those). I jest!

The point is, go check out I use it every month to book up my calendar with fun happenings for my family!

Thanks for reading and be well!