Letter: Bring some fun back to basketball

What do you think about this? I went to school in a little town in Indiana, during the time that the movie "Hoosiers" portrayed. I remember that basketball game! Indiana at that time had not yet succumbed to the politically correct way of conducting its state high school basketball tournaments. (Sorry to say, they now have gone the PC way and completely ruined a great tradition.)

The state athletic officials just couldn't understand that us "little guys" got a lot of excitement out of having a shot at pulling off a major upset. It was our only chance to play in the big fancy gyms against the big boys. Our spirits weren't crushed if we lost the game. Nobody expected us to win, but we wanted the chance to try! The fans came to watch with great excitement, just in case we pulled off that big upset! I really feel sorry for the kids of today, for they don't get the chance to experience that excitement.

Now, what I would like to suggest is this:

After each class has had their state championship tournaments, conduct a "Grand State Championship" tournament that pits the champions of each class against each other. This would bring back, in a small way, the chance for a small school to pull off the upset similarly seen in the movie "Hoosiers." I believe this would bring a great deal of new excitement to Arizona high school basketball.

This could also bring in a great deal of money to the participating schools. So, what do you think? Is it something worth pushing for?

David Gaither