Letter: 67,000 criminals on the loose

The good news. Two Republicans supported by the Tea Party just won primaries. They will win the general.

And two examples of how well the Obama "regime" takes care of our country.

DC think tank, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), after a lawsuit, obtained the following information from ICE's "Weekly Departures and Detention Report-2013." And this, right before they were to be deported.

ICE (part of Homeland Security) encountered 193,357 illegal immigrants w/criminal convictions but issued charging documents for only 125,478.

The other 67,879 were released into our population. A breakdown, 193 convicted homicides, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions, 1075 aggravated assault convictions, 16,170 DUI/drug convictions, 1160 stolen vehicle convictions, 303 flight escapes, 9,187 dangerous drug convictions. 27,817 had serious criminal convictions. They now live among us, their release directly from Obama's prosecutorial discretion policies.

Lamar, Texas, rightly called this a "sanctioned federal prison break." But, Obama just spoke and said "most aren't making trouble, aren't committing crimes." He added, "we have only a narrow 2-3 months to push through amnesty."

The DHS head said they would continue their "goal of sound law enforcement practice that prioritizes public safety." Obviously a joke and they completely ignore ALL are here illegally.

The shell game continues of counting those stopped before entering. The truth: deportations are the lowest since the 1970s, with only 229,968 in 2012. Clinton deported 1.6 million in 2000.

Last summer, the Obama regime awarded UK-based Serco w/a $1.2 billion contract to process Obamacare apps, this while Serco was under investigation for overbilling the British by tens of millions of pounds.

Employees tell KMOV they're paid to do nothing but stare at computer, hit refresh key every 10 minutes, often don't enter a single app a week.

Serco keeps them on, is hiring more. They get paid per worker, not per app. A British company, our tax dollars, the regime defends them. Known for spending millions lobbying here, Serco donated $6,000 to Obama's campaign.

Don't the libs hate big companies and lobbyists?

Linda Athens