Chief honors KPD standouts

One officer lauded for compassion toward suicidal woman

Over 100 people gathered in the Central Commercial building Thursday for a Kingman Police Departmentn awards ceremony.

MATT REINIG/Miner<BR> Over 100 people gathered in the Central Commercial building Thursday for a Kingman Police Departmentn awards ceremony.

KINGMAN - Kingman Police Chief Robert DeVries honored several officers, detectives, technicians, volunteers, and youth program participants Thursday.

DeVries awarded glass mugs to officers involved in exceptional circumstances in recent months, including the recent apprehension of fugitives in alleged connection with 20 stolen vehicles totaling $100,000.

"They did a phenomenal job putting some bad people behind bars," said DeVries.

DeVries also honored officers who successfully talked down a suicidal person, and who successfully arrested an alleged bank robber armed with a high-caliber handgun, preventing harm to the man, officers, and the public.

Dennis Farrington was honored for showing compassion with the suicidal subject, and Joe Weber was honored for apprehending the alleged bank robber, according to the department.

"One year after the fact, (the suicidal woman) wrote a letter to the department and Dennis that that was her wake-up call to life," said DeVries, adding that the woman is today clean of alcohol and drugs. "It was the first time I'd seen that."

Also awarded were Mike Godfrey, Brandon Barkhurst, Danny Reed, Phil Hudgens and Jesse Kennedy for their work in auto investigations, according to information provided by the department.

Lt. Jim Brice, Sgt. Bob Fisk, Bill Fancher, Dennis Miller, Adam Parrot, Dennis Gilbert, Brian Zach, Heath Mosby, Todd Foster and Steve Barnes also received awards for their investigative work.

Sgt. Dave Reif was honored for cost effective measures taken to build kennels and retain K9's in the department, Brian Zach for securing the department's Mine Resistant Ambush Protective vehicle, and Terry Bolles for going above and beyond to assist a woman who was elderly, deaf, and mute.

"Terry received a call in regards to questions and concerns of a late traveler through Kingman from California, and Terry discovered she was in the care of Kingman Regional Medical Center," said DeVries, adding that she was traveling with a hungry dog. "Terry out of his own pocket got food for the woman and the animal until the family could offer assistance."

Gabe Brown, Jason Zerr, Randy Sandeen, Eric Urquijo, Jennifer Sochocki, Terry Bolles, Det. Bill Fancher, Sgt. Bob Fisk, and Cpl. Stacey Mayo received department service awards.

Good conduct awards went to Jackie Hansen, Evan Hopper, Phil Hudgens, Jason Schmitz, Adam Simonsen, Casey DeHerrera, Danny Reed, Lt. Shay Weber, Tiffiny Reed, Brian Zach, Wayne Hollon, Cpl. Jack King, Sgt. Bob Fisk, Cpl. Stacey Mayo, and Cheryl Shaeffer.

Gabe Brown, Denny Gaddis, Eric Urquijo, Sgt. David Reif, Oscar Lopez, Sean Osterman, Erin Roper, and Tomas Silva received peer-nominated Department Commendation awards.

Cpl. Jack King, Erin Roper, and Cpl. Dan Spivey received Honorable Service awards.

John Smith was awarded Explorer of the Year, Richard Burrowbridge Volunteer of the Year, Steve Barnes Civilian Employee of the Year, and Officer Jason Zerr Officer of the Year.

Volunteer service awards went to CJ Reeff, David Johnson, Harsha Patel, Randy Diekman, Mike Rose, Bill Kriekel, Dave Morrison, Richard Kidder, David Moats, Lonnie Taylor, Wayne Harden, and Bobby Sherman.

Safe driving awards went to Gabe Brown, Jackie Hansen and Eric Urquijo.

The ceremony took place at the Central Commercial Company at 112 Beale St., and a head count put about 120 in attendance.