Letter: Standing up for my rights

When I was born in 1929, I was given these rights from my first breath, and I will support and honor these rights until my last breath. So nobody better tell me I can't honor the Ten Commandments, salute my flag, celebrate Christmas or Easter and believe in God.

God gave us Heaven on Earth, but greed and power-hungry politicians have raped it.

Kids don't have to salute the flag (it may offend someone). They want to live under this flag of freedom that many have died to protect what it stands for.

This political crap has gone too far, like illegals wanting their rights when they have none.

This past weekend I had a cross put in my front yard. My property is posted no trespassing. If someone doesn't like it, too bad! I do. If someone wants me to take it down, good luck. It is my right and my property as a born here American citizen.

I will stand for my rights and my country. Why don't more people do the same before it is too late?

Betty Wright