Letter of thanks: KRMC treated me like family

Special thanks to Dr. Alleman from KRMC Radiology department and surgery nurses Tara and Gina.

Anyone who has had cancer can relate to the day of rejoicing to hear from the doctor, "It's fine to remove the port."

Nurse Gina took the time to find a song in her phone from the band I had requested (Journey). In retrospect, I tell myself how appropriate that I choose the band because it certainly has been a long journey!

Gina and Tara did a celebratory jig, dancing around my post-op recovery room.

KRMC is the best! Dr. Naegele of Oncology is the best! Dr. Van Tuyl from Radiation is the best! All these doctors and their staff cared and treated me like family through the cancer ordeal! I'd also like to thank Shelly from Oncology too!

Robin Bandmann