Beyond the Mainstream Media: November chock full of reasons why Obama is bad for the USA

NOVEMBER MUSINGS: It's hard to even keep up with the scandals and scuttlebutt of late. Here are a few keeping the news wonks waiting.

OBAMA's AMNESTY for five (or more) million: Obama's 15-minute speech basically declaring amnesty for millions was completely illegal, turned our Constitution on its head and was planned in advance.

Politico and the AP reported, nine months ago, that Obama put in Jeh Johnson and tasked him with finding a clever way to push amnesty through. Nine months of intense meetings took place. The architects were a pastor who worked for Ted Kennedy, a person working for California state Sen. Zoe Lofgren, and a person working for U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, all three open borders proponents. The millions will be given work permits, Earned Income Tax Credit, housing. Job wise, blacks will again be screwed.

What it's really all about. Take the work permit into the DMV and you will be allowed to get a driver's license. AND, you will be given the opportunity to sign up to vote.

What about Oregonians, who just voted to NOT give illegals driver's licenses? Well, that's because Obama basically is giving illegals legal status. And making more Democrat voters.

LIE: Obama said deportations are up 80 percent under him. No, those turned back AT the border were never counted before, now they are, simply to up the numbers. Turned back at the border is not being deported.

FELONS WILL BE SENT BACK Obama said. Complicated, but under friend Jeh Johnson's new ICE rules, this is a complete joke. Try understanding Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3.

Only allowed to be here three years? Another joke.

President Eisenhower, a WWII general, took care of illegals. With only 2 million illegals here back then, Ike transferred the Border Patrol agents on the southern border up north. These were the agents who looked the other way when their farmer/rancher friends used illegals on their ranches and farms. Ike put in new BP agents on the southern border.

He then went after illegals nationwide, sending thousands and thousands back, not across the border but 500 miles inside Mexico or on two planes/ships to Vera Cruz. The rest knew he meant business and self deported. It was called Operation Wetback, and that's how Eisenhower took care of the problem.

FERGUSON, MO - A town that was on the edge erupted when the grand jury didn't indict the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. Making matters worse, 100 FBI agents have been sent in and President Obama and racist Attorney General Eric Holder have both stuck

their noses in where they didn't belong, Obama telling pro-Michael Brown protestors to keep it going. Despicable behavior by a POTUS.

LORETTA LYNCH, Obama's nominee to replace racist Attorney General Eric Holder, we now learn was in college with Eric Holder's wife. Lynch founded an African American sorority while there and Holder's wife was the only other person in the sorority. Scuttlebutt tells us Lynch, over the years, has been directly connected with Holder, often speaking with or visiting him. Not a big leap to figure out why Lynch was nominated.

Add to her close ties with the Holder's and her remarks that requiring ID to vote was done by racist southerners indicates she needs a very thorough vetting.

SHARYL ATTKISSON, the journalist with 20-some years w/CBS news, has been reporting for a couple of years that her stories while with CBS were being shelved, especially reports on Benghazi. A straight shooting reporter terrifies the Obama administration. Attkisson now

knows her laptop work computer and home computer had long term monitoring on them by either the FBI, CIA, DIA or NSA. Computer forensics experts (and insider info) have verified this was sophisticated monitoring done by one or more of the above four, and they tried to wipe her computers clean.

Attkisson has a new book out, "Stonewalled, My Fight For Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction and Intimidation in Obama's Washington."

The Benghazi hearings are coming up in December. Attkisson was a non-partison reporter on Benghazi, detailing the Obama administrations wrongdoing concerning Benghazi. True to form, this corrupt administration went after Attkisson, tried to shut her up.

GRUBER THE GOOBER, Obama's friend and architect of Obamacare who repeatedly bragged of the coverup in getting Obamacare through and repeatedly called Americans stupid, appears to have had his words come back to bite him. First, he will be called to testify before an oversight committee next year and second, he has now been fired from jobs in Vermont and South Carolina.

In all, he is about $8 million richer than he was before Obamacare and many are calling for Gruber to give back the money.

Former IRS official LOIS LERNER, who, in lockstep with the Obama administration, went after the Tea Party movement, then lied, refused to testify under oath and then said her e-mails had all disappeared, is in for a surprise. The Inspector General of Tax Information has just announced they were able to find possibly 30,000 of the missing e-mails under Disaster Recovery Tapes. I'm sure Darryl Issa or Chavetz, the new oversight head, will be carefully going over these to see if there was a Lerner/White House connection in suppressing votes in the 2012 election. Those interested in following government corruption, stay tuned for this one.

GITMO DETAINEES, five of them, were let go on the sly this past week. One Gitmo Al Qaeda terrorist set free a few years back who was 44 at the time (too old for combat, they surmised) is now the top recruiter for ISIS. Good going, Obama. Set some more free.

OBAMACARE LIES - Oops! Only 6.7 million have actually signed up for Obamacare, many millions below the number touted by the Obama administration. They needed 9 million and 13 million by next year. Their latest fraudulent numbers included hundreds of thousands who had only signed up for dental care, not full medical care.