Letter of thanks: An early gift for B&G Club

An early Christmas gift was given to Boys & Girls Club of Kingman on Sept. 23, when the Filipino-American (Pioneer) Group of Kingman donated $500.

The Filipino-American (Pioneer) Group has been helping different organizations over the past 20 years. This group of freelance members and their friends seeks to have fun and help as many organizations as they can in the Kingman Community. Armi DeVera-Davies said that by being a group of friends and not an organization allows them more flexibility by not having to follow organizational standards. This allows for all of their money to go directly to the organizations they serve. The group meets as often as possible and will be celebrating their annual Christmas party on Dec. 20.

These "Pioneers" chose Boys & Girls Club of Kingman to show their dedication to the development of today's youth and tomorrow's leaders. Bill Ward, CPO, shared with the group the substantial growth in membership over the past 12 months. Ward shared that the club is now mentoring over 100 youth each day in its after school program and stated that the success of the Club is a reflection of the support from the community. We are all in this together.

For more information about Boys & Girls Club of Kingman visit www.bgckingman.org or call 928-718-0033.

Let us be the first to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bill Ward, CPO

Kingman Boys & Girls Club