Kingman broker appealing cease-and-desist order

KINGMAN - Real estate agent Debra Suzanne Sixta has appealed her cease-and-desist order from the Arizona Department of Real Estate and settlement discussions are ongoing, her attorney said last week.

Sixta, principal broker at Mohave Integrity Real Estate Services, was ordered in September to cease and desist from engaging in any rental and leasing activity because of trust account irregularities found by the department in an electronic broker audit review.

Sixta submitted insufficient documentation for ADRE staff to determine compliance with statutory requirements.

Specifically, no receipts or disbursement journals were provided; client ledgers showed income and expenses but no ending balances; and reconciliations of bank balances to owner-tenant liabilities were not provided.

Attorney Bob Spurlock, representing Sixta, said there was no wrongdoing.

"Whenever the department audits accounts and finds they're not managed by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), they require management companies to reconcile accounts," he said.

The cease and desist order allows Sixta and Mohave Integrity to file an appeal and have an informal settlement conference with a representative from the Attorney General's office and Arizona Real Estate Department.

Spurlock said that conference was held last week and nothing was settled.

"The fact that we continue to talk indicates both the department and Debra envision she'll be back in property management in the near future," the attorney said.