Kingman Letters: Blame Bush



A recent response to my comments about Bush and his culpability for the mess in the Mideast brings up points that need to be addressed to clear up any confusion Mr. Wise may have attempted to impart to the uninformed.

It is well known that Bush went to Congress to support his actions regarding the invasion of Iraq and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle voted to give approval to launch a pre-emptive war against a nation that posed no threat to us. What is never reported by the right is the fact that Bush and his minions lied to Congress and the American people about the non-existent threat to our nation. The Congress was - unfortunately - operating in the belief the president of the United States would not stand and blatantly lie to them, despite members of the media and the military shouting to the rooftops there was no imminent threat.

Mr. Wise further stated Bush left sufficient military in Iraq to "keep the peace." Again what is missing is the fact that Bush set our departure date from Iraq and President Obama was told by the government of Iraq to support that date and get out of the country. We were warned if we invaded Iraq the country would effectively collapse and the Holy War would escalate - a prophetic pronouncement that has come to pass. Had Bush not invaded Iraq, ISIS would never have come to fruition.

For myself, I want to see all "boots on the ground" brought home and if the warring factions in the Mid-East want to kill each other - let them. I am tired of seeing our troops being killed over millennium-old Holy Wars.

The blame for this nightmare still rests with the perpetrator - George W. Bush.

Bob Moore

Lake Havasu City