Kingman Letters: Where there's smoke, there's taxes

What's next? Well, now they want to tax e-cigarettes. They tax us on equipment rentals, our phone, our toilet paper, etc. Why can't they stay within their budget like we have to?

Look at the millions spent not to smoke. So when we do and go to e-cigarettes, here come more taxes. I'm damn tired of them thinking of how to tax everything the working class finds to enjoy.

Next I guess they will tax our bedrooms.

I even get taxed on my Social Security. I guess that's because we paid it in so they can give it away to illegals and others who didn't work and pay into it.

If this keeps up they will probably raise taxes on toilet paper because all the crap they come up with. No more taxes.

P.S. We already pay sales tax on e-cigarettes.

Betty Wright