Letter: Elks story one-sided, distorted

I read with interest Hubble Ray Smith's article on the Elks Lodge on the front page of your Sept. 2 paper. What a distorted, inaccurate, and one-sided version of the truth. No wonder Exalted Ruler Ken Coombs resigned.

I would also like to know how and why Mr. Basinger was contacted for an interview when his club has not had their meetings there in over a year or more. Why didn't Mr. Smith contact groups that are currently having lunch or dinner meetings there? I belong to a club that meets at the Elks Lodge for a lunch meeting once a month. While there were some problems with the food, they have been solved and it has improved greatly. The meal at our last meeting in August was excellent. All I heard were compliments on the food, no complaints.

I know the Lodge is booked for parties way ahead as we made our reservations for our Christmas party in May and had to take our second choice date. If people had a complaint, why not take the complaint to the Elks Lodge rather than complain to the newspaper?

Sandee Samoska


Note: Much like the letter, the story in question first noted the problems with the food and, later "how it has improved tremendously since Tasha Creek took over as club manager." Exalted Ruler Ken Coombs resigned after his comments in the lodge newsletter were published and before reporter Hubble Ray Smith started interviews for the story. However, Coombs' written comments were the main reason the story was reported, given the Elks' significant history in the community.