Letter: The president said what?

ISIS Isn't Islamic?

What an odd thing for Obama to say. Actually, he calls them ISIL, which includes Israel, the country Islam hates the most.

I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of even calling them that myself. But then, I wouldn't tell them, every step of the way, my plan (or lack thereof) either.

What part of IS standing for Islamic State did Obama miss? I have to wonder.

There are thousands of Muslims in Australia. The Aussies just arrested a couple dozen of them who were in the planning stage of grabbing a random Australian citizen off a street in either Brisbane or Sydney and beheading them right there to put fear in every Australian citizen.

You might recall the London soldier that had just that done to him this year - right on a London street.

The Australians, to their credit, and unlike us, don't waste their time being PC. They mostly monitor Muslims because Muslims are usually the terrorist offenders committing these heinous crimes. Probably their good Irish blood.

Will America be next? We just had a wonderful young college student shot to death while driving his car by a total stranger, an American Muslim terrorist, avenging his Islamic religion.

If only 10-15 percent of all Muslims are jihadist types, that is still 300 million people. Something to think about as Obama daily tells them what it is we are NOT going to do.

I yearn for the days of seeing "tear down that wall" Ronald Reagan riding his horse across his Santa Barbara ranch or that other cowboy, George Bush, getting dirty on a pile of rubble while shouting at the terrorists he was coming for them, then attending a church service to personally pray.

Those American presidents at least led from the front.

Linda Athens