Letter: Chip sealing just not worth it

I'd like to address a statement made by Jack Plaunty in the March 27 Miner regarding chip sealing. Mr. Plaunty said "The whole world uses chip seal." Sorry, Mr Plaunty, but you're wrong.

I lived in Phoenix for 30 years before retiring to Kingman nearly five years ago. Now my memory isn't what it used to be, but it must be over 25 years ago that Phoenix stopped using chip seal. They found it was not cost effective in the long run, it caused too much damage to vehicles (cracked windshields, paint chipped on the front and around wheel wells) and even personal damage to pedestrians and motorcyclists.

I, for one, cheered when they quit using chip seal as I was tired of having my windshield fixed or replaced, having the front of my vehicles looking like they had been sandblasted with stones, and getting pelted with stones while riding my motorcycle to work every day.

When I see a roadway that's been freshly chip sealed, I'll drive five miles out of my way not to use it.

So you see, Mr. Plaunty, the "whole world" does NOT use chip seal. Phoenix is only one of a number of cities just in Arizona that figured out in the long run it just isn't worth it.

I hope when the good people of Kingman start seeing the damage chip sealing causes they let the city leaders know how feel about this disappearing road repair method.

S.R. Turnblom