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11:20 PM Sat, Oct. 20th

Older Than Dirt: Television After Dark

When I couldn't sleep the other night, which is very rare for me, I found myself looking for something good to watch on television. I was amazed at all the fix-it cures for EVERYTHING! This is what people watch in the middle of the night? They had juicers that you could drink yourself to good health with, as well as vitamins that would surely make you young again. Not to mention some of the unmentionables they had to bring back the old sex drive you may have lost along the way.

Listening and watching some of these reminded me of the old snake-oil salesmen I would sometimes see in an old western movie. The bottle that would surely cure anything and everything that might be ailing you. "Step right up folks and get a bottle of good health. It cures back aches, tooth aches and even makes your hair grow."

Some of these infomercials were actually done with a doctor's approval attached to them.

Certainly if they were doctor approved, they must be good! Right? Wrong! Anyone who is taking a prescription medication already knows that you can no longer just buy over the counter cure alls. Even something as simple as vitamins, can cause problems with your medications. I do believe I saw some kind of disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that MAY have said to check with your doctor. Unfortunately, the print was so small I could not read a single word. Even on our 55 inch screen!

As we get older, we of course want to do anything and everything to get and stay healthy. Sadly, what you did to your body when you were younger can come back to bite you! The lifestyle you chose as a young person will for sure affect you in your old age - should you live long enough!

Going to the gym on a regular basis is usually NOT a bad thing. But if you already have beat the crap out of yourself the first 50 years or so, it seems a bit redundant. As I mentioned before, when you start smelling the earth you often want to make changes. Some people find religion, while others may try to make things "right" with those they care about. Finally, there are those who want to get healthy, even though they took their good health for granted for many, many years.

Some people just want to take a pill for everything that bothers them. They do not want to live with any annoyance! If you pay attention to the television commercials, you WILL find a pill for anything you don't like. Everyone knows that medicine is good for you. Right? Just check out the line at the pharmacies in this town. You may find one on every corner, in some areas of Kingman. I do realize we have a large senior population, but even with that, it seems a bit extreme. The line at the Walmart pharmacy often extends all the way across the store. And it is a really big store.

They say that people ARE living longer, (whomever the people are who say these things). I wonder if that is because they are actually taking better care of themselves or just retiring earlier. I think retirement can certainly make you feel better. It does seem that most people can find some pretty fun stuff to do besides getting up and going to work.

So, I watch these insane infomercial's, or very long television ads, and I wonder if people really do buy into this stuff. Is there really a special kind of melon extract that keeps the wrinkles away? Could that really be why Cindy Crawford looks so good? Can others look like Cindy Crawford if they just order the product?

If I buy the "Twenty-Minute work out" will I somehow develop abs? Does anyone get a six pack from jumping around for 20 minutes a day? Please step forward!

And now there is even an infomercial for sex toys! Do you think they arrive in a plain brown wrapper? Some of that stuff looks pretty darn scary to me. And they even give them names!

Now that I know what goes on with television in the middle of the night, I realize that it is a whole different world than day time.

The next time I have trouble sleeping at night, perhaps I will look for a good book to read, or just play on my computer. I don't think I really want to know what some people are buying off the television.