Guest Column: Friendly Kingmanites saved the day

In other letters to the editor, it has been said that Kingman people are friendly and kind. Amen.

Yesterday I was helped by more than six people. I will use their places of business to identify them, as I don't remember all their names.

I had an 11 o'clock appointment and before getting to my car, a caregiver from White Cliffs Senior Living told me I had a flat tire. The maintenance man told me that it could be driven slowly to my appointment.

At the Zia appointment, the receptionist was concerned about my dilemma and said to call her if I had any trouble getting to the tire store or that she would even follow me there.

I stopped at Superior Tire for help and the man who took my work order went outside to get my keys, which I left in the car and the car was running.

Since my tire was safe, I went to Uptown Drug. There they helped by checking my battery charger for my O2 machine. I thought I lost my debit card, and they reminded me to take my purse when I left.

When I went back to the car, it was locked. I must have hit the general lock button. I tried my key and it wouldn't work. I tried all of the doors to no avail.

A lady who parked nearby asked if I was having trouble. I said "you betcha." I explained the situation and she said I should call a locksmith. She advised me to use my AAA card. She offered to use her cell phone to make the call. She then asked the pharmacy if she could take a chair outside for me to sit in. She is a nurse and I am sure an excellent one. I had one hour to wait for AAA.

I moved myself into a sunnier spot. A man approached me from Mike's Towing, asking if I was the one who needed my car unlocked. He quickly opened the door, got inside and turned it on.

He went into the store and brought back a drink of water. He said that his mother had a stroke and he was in Kingman to care for her. When he got the call from me, he thought to himself that it could have been his mom or dad. He said he was going to stay in Kingman and that he liked it and it had many nice people who are very helpful.

I went home, then remembered I had left my pharmacy bag on the wall where I was sitting outside of Uptown Drug waiting for the locksmith.

I called them and they delivered my medication.