Letter: I'd rather keep Kingman small

Some folks here in Kingman, both new and old, insist we need to grow our population, businesses and industry so we may have more choices to shop, dine and have new homes to live in. We need additional revenue for the city for services, infrastructure improvement and repair.

But if we expand all these things, will it give money enough to keep up or just play catch up once again?

I, for one, a new guy in town, and others really like Kingman just the way it is. I like living in a small town where I get to know my neighbors and the people who own the shops and businesses where I do business.

When I need a store that Kingman doesn't have, I don't mind driving over to Bullhead City or Lake Havasu or even Henderson, or I even choose the Internet.

It's good to get out of town on occasion. Because we are still a small town, there is no housing shortage or water shortage, and our schools, police and fire departments can keep up with our population.

Yes, I am for our city generating more revenue for the people, but I'm not for more people. You there running our town figure out a way to make more money without undoing our small town.

Perhaps we restore that old steam engine downtown and have trips back and forth to Williams. Or maybe a marathon, more softball and soccer fields, or the Route 66 cycle race. Perhaps we could become a town like Quartzite that caters to snowbirds.

Because I for one won't be near as happy in this small town when it becomes the next Flagstaff, or Tucson, or even Albuquerque.

Bill Ressegue