Beyond the Mainstream Media: A Friday Night One-Two Punch

Linda Athens

Recently, on overload from so much bad news including more ISIS beheadings of simple Christian migrant workers in Libya as the world basically said ho-hum again, I took a respite by watching two weeks of re-runs of The Waltons.

In this WWII setting, John Boy was now living in NYC, sister Mary Ellen, now the local nurse, had married, had a son, and just lost her doctor/husband at Pearl Harbor. Another brother was considering being a conscientious objector, Mother Livvy had contracted TB and was relegated to a long stay in a sanitorium, while Ike Godsey, the good natured grocer, had had a heart attack. Cory Beth, his devoted wife, had decided they must leave Walton's Mountain for a more restful cottage by the sea.

Heady stuff to be sure. Fifty-five minutes into each episode, however, everything was resolved. Ike and Cory Beth stayed on the mountain, living many more years. Mama recovered and her son signed up. And Mary Ellen, grieving her own loss, devoted her days to her young son and nursing a young WWII vet, recently home minus the ability to walk after a German torpedo hit his Merchant Marine ship. The engulfing love of the Walton family brought them all through and back to life.

I left each episode feeling uplifted. Thank you Earl Hamner. Life is good. The bad does end, always followed by something good, right? Or does it?

After one last Walton episode, flipping to ABC, I watched two hours of Bruce Jenner, once the greatest athlete in the world, explain to us why he is really a woman ... but not really. I concluded the night with one hour of Fox News's Bret Baier on the Clinton Foundation scandal.

For Jenner, it started when it felt good to put on his sister's dress at age 6. In 1980, already married once and father of two, he started taking female hormones. On to two more wives and four more children. End result: six natural children and four stepchildren, left to spend their lives dealing with Jenner with hairless legs, no adam's apple and in a dress. Because he FEELS like he is a woman.

His Kardashian stepchildren have their Momager to turn this situation into more millions. I'm not so sure his six natural children will fare as well. And why not? Because, no matter how you cut it, what Jenner has done is not natural and abhorrent to God.

I personally like Bruce Jenner, but because he feels like a woman does not make him a woman. I feel like I would be better 4 inches taller and driving a 2015 Chevy Silverado HD, but I'm short and own an old Jeep. Some things aren't meant to be.

In my raising (and those Waltons), you put others first, especially your family. Jenner has put himself first. This is no isolated incident for a "transgender," but like homosexuality, it is here to stay. The last words out of retiring Attorney General Eric Holder's mouth yesterday were to remind us to push through same sex marriage. It would be a big step, he said. Yes, a big step into the depravity our country has sunk into, at a speed that is mind boggling.

Consider 6-year-old Ryland Whittington, a girl, who was transitioned to a boy recently because her folks thought she seemed boyish; or 5-year-old Mia LeMay, born a girl until her parents transitioned her to Jacob LeMay.

Then there's acress LaVerne Cox and "Orange is the New Black Dress," and following Jenner's interview, a new transgender sitcom on the way. But how convenient!

We used to practice self control and restraint. As the old addage went, you could let a bird (thought) land on your head, but you didn't have to let it make a nest in your hair. God's book that America used to follow says in Deuteronomy that men should not dress in women's clothes. He meant it. So think about it, then forget it!

In Romans, He foretold of women sleeping with women, men with men, doing that which is unseemly and against nature. He simplified it for us. You aren't born that way. It is sin, He said. In nicer terms than He used, you let the bird make a nest in your hair.

In Psalms 139, He said He possessed our inward parts and covered us in our Mother's womb. Our substance was not hidden from Him when He made us in ... secret, intricately wrought ... He saw us, even unformed, made in His image and loved. Our response to this loving Father has been to ruthlessly murder 60 million in our own country while in the womb and now, try to change the gender He made us after departing the womb.

But anyone pointing out the sinfulness we are now engulfed in is ostracized and called an intolerant bigot.

Christianity is under attack in America as much as it is worldwide. Here, Christians are forced to pay to kill the unborn while worldwide Christians are being slaughtered.

Moving on to the latest Clinton scandal (Clinton Cash), but one of many o going Clinton scandals, this time we see a web of deceit that would put Tom Clancy's writing to shame.

In a word, during Hillary's Secretary of State years, favors were granted to foreign countries for hundreds of millions in donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation, which appears to have used only about 10 to 15 percent of the money for the assigned purpose, such as help for Haiti. Add to that, 11 times during Hillary's secretary of state years, Bill Clinton gave speeches worldwide that upped his take to $500,000 to $750,000 per speech. At the same time, each country had crucial business before the State Department that suddenly went in that country's favor, usually in opposition to what Hillary had formerly stated she believed in.

Through a Canadian friend of Bill's, Russia and Putin now possess 20 percent of America's uranium. Hard to believe, isn't it, especially since Putin backs Iran's plan to have nuclear weapons ... all needing uranium.

Hillary Clinton stated, upon leaving the White House, they were flat broke. They are now worth upwards of $100 million. At one point, one donation to their foundation for $2.5 million

wasn't even reported. In their defense, long-time friend and attorney Lanny Davis said that amount was simply chicken feed and the fact it was only found on the end of the donor, Canada, was immaterial.

It should also be noted, through the Clinton's, Haiti granted new gold mining permits, something only done twice in 50 years, and suddenly Hillary's brother, who has no training in mining, has turned up on their board in a lucrative position. And Haiti does have unmined gold. But the other promises of help in Haiti, including 65,000, jobs has turned up only 5,000 jobs and not much help at all.

As Hillary did with her e-mails, mixing them, then hand-picking and destroying thousands, then wiping her server clean, their Foundation has co-mingled accounts, making the money trail difficult to track. However, one journalist in Clinton Cash spent 10 years tracking it anyway. And everything about the Clinton's stinks of day old fish. That they are shameless is stunning.

This is all indicative that Ameica has left her first love, God and Christianity, in favor of godlessness and self aggrandizement. Hitting every area of our lives, we are now rotten to the core.

When the Jewish people, of whom we are grafted into, left God, God left them to their evil devices, knowing it was the only way to bring them back. However, the "weeping" prophet, Jeremiah endlessly warned his people of what would happen. They didn't listen. We aren't either, even though there are plenty of "weeping" prophets around warning us, such as Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.

The Jews ended up in Babylonian exile for their sins for 70 years, but even there, God told them to build, plant, pray and bless even in exile, and if they did He would bring them out of exile and back to a life of plenty, which He did.

America is also in a kind of exile, from our Founding Fathers and their documents and their belief in God and the Bible, from which they wrote those documents that made us the greatest nation on earth.

As I lay awake all Friday night thinking it all over, I recalled the faces looking into the camera of two of the Ethiopian men, men whose heads would be hacked off in a matter of minutes by ISIS. Quiet and calm, it was reported many died in prayer with the name of Jesus on their lips. It is said also that their fellow Christian countrymen partied in their honor that they had died as Christian martyrs as in the days of Christ.

Compare this to the outpouring after Jenner's Sawyer interview. Brave and courageous were words used. None of those words were used to describe the Ethiopian Christians, however. God bless Kirstie

Alley, who, even trying to walk it back later, rightly said, "Mandela was brave, this is bulls**t".

Let's hope we heed God's advice and build, plant, pray and bless, and turn back to Him before it is too late. If we don't, don't be surprised if we awake the day after the 2016 election to discover, perhaps, in spite of the polls, Hillary Clinton is the new president, as happened with Barack Obama.