Editorial: Save the planet (yeah, right)

What is our reward if President Obama is allowed to legislate from the White House, giving the Environmental Protection Agency power to shut down coal-fired power plants in order to reduce carbon emissions?

What happens to the thousands of people pushed out of jobs by this action? What do people who can barely afford to heat and cool their homes do when the price of power skyrockets?

You already set the air conditioning thermostat at 82 degrees so you can afford the electric bill. Will the price of saving the planet mean you'll move it up to 85? 88?

But it will be worth it because we're saving the planet from global warmi ... uh, climate change. The rolling brownouts from "green" energy that can't hope to keep all the lights on and higher energy bills will be the tiny sacrifices we'll have to make. But once the president's grand plan is in place, the EPA tells us, decades from now temperatures will drop about two-thirds of a degree Fahrenheit.

Will we save the planet? The better question might be, "What have I done to make the president mad at me?"