Letter: Private sale loophole is irresponsible

I own guns. I believe in responsible gun ownership. A five-year-old killing someone with a gun left within their reach is not responsible.

People say that closing the private sale loophole won't stop criminals from getting guns. On July 6, my brother was murdered. He was shot three times in the back by a man who had been denied the right to own a firearm. But then, so had my brother. He had guns. Didn't do him much good. He used to laugh about how easy it was to buy a gun. He didn't buy them in a dark alley; he bought them from private individuals. He once told me that one guy said he didn't care if he was a convicted felon, that it "wasn't his problem." Will changing the "loophole" stop all illegal gun sales? Of course not. But it will stop some. We have very strict laws concerning drinking and driving. It hasn't stopped all from doing it, but it's made a big dent. I hear from people how they worry about the government having "gun owner register." Well, they have voter registers, vehicle registers, and a dozen other ways to track us. This is the price you pay when you have so many people. And when I hear people say that, "People eat too much and get fat, so should we outlaw spoons?" - I say spoons were created for eating, but firearms were created for killing. Yes, you can use a spoon to kill, but it wasn't made just to kill. All weapons were created to maim or kill. Yes, we have a right to own them, but we also have an obligation to act responsibly. And if the "government" really wanted to come take them from us, I don't think my 9mm is going to do me much good against a tank or drone.

I'm sure many will now call me names, but unless you have looked into the eyes of an 80-year-old woman and saw the pain in her eyes as she hears how her baby boy has died, well, you haven't got a clue. 'Cause it's real easy to say, "It happens," when it isn't happening to you.

Marla Kiriakidis