Beyond the Mainstream Media: Some Truth Behind the 9-11 Cheering

On Nov. 21, GOP candidate Donald Trump opened a can of worms when he declared he saw thousands of Muslims cheering as the Twin Towers came down on 9-11-01.

Since then, cultural leaders and the mainstream media have rushed out to defend Muslims against Trump's declaration, including George Stephanopoulos (he call it an "Internet rumor") and the NY Times (again, "Internet rumor," this one dismissed by police at the time). Reuters, National Public Radio and Slate all said the same, one even calling it the oldest 9-11 legend. Buzzfeed, with the approval of CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper, reported no evidence whatsoever and referred to it as a long debunked conspiracy theory. Hooper has a long, long history of being an America-hating Muslim.

Kim LaCapria of Snopes declared it had long since been debunked and those reporting seeing Muslims celebrating suffered from false memory syndrome. Her source? An article she had read by the American Psychological Association which gave no mention of the supposed incidents nor any research done of self-identified witnesses of the said celebrations. Such is usually the extent of LaCapria's reporting on Snopes, with this one-woman operation often being caught reporting other than truth.

Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution said on Lawfare that Trump and Ben Carson are spreading what is the equivalent to "blood libel," which is used to whip up emotions and instill anger and hatred against a minority population.

Shame on Wittes. "Blood libel" was used in pogroms to murder tens of thousands of Jews. Making it an even worse reference, he identified it with Christianity. In actuality, it goes back to Pagan Rome and is very popular in the modern Muslim world.

Censorship of truth to meet the demands of political correctness is a very dangerous thing and it appears that is what has happened in this story. While Mr. Trump has probably confused the joyful celebrations across the Middle East as people in the WTC jumped to their deaths, nevertheless, there was plenty of celebrating in the United States by Muslims and plenty of people who actually witnessed and reported it. One must remember, no matter where in the world, Muslims all use the same Quran. Having looked into it in depth, there is no way it can be considered a religion of peace, starting at its beginning where the marauding across Europe left death and destruction, takeovers of entire countries, Jews put into servitude if not killed outright, women used as slaves and children, especially young boys, used as sex toys.

Some have mentioned Professor Irfan Khawaja and his years-long study of this 9-11 Muslim celebration story. His findings, he states, are that some did, so small that Trump's entire story must be labeled a "lie" rather than an exaggeration. Khawaja is himself a Muslim. We must also consider that Islam teaches that lying to make the religion look better is accepted, expected and encouraged.

Lying is a sin in Christianity.

Danusha V. Goska, PhD, author, journalist, teacher and world traveler who was born in Paterson, N.J., of European immigrant parents, said she has trusted friends who witnessed these celebrations but are too afraid to allow their names to be used, thus setting them up for attacks. One is a former A student, always on time and now a responsible adult. He told Goska a decade ago he witnessed celebrating by Muslims at the public library on Main Avenue, as did a Democrat politician. A third witness, a financial manager of Goska's, told of pulling into a service station in Belleville after the fall of the second tower to find two Muslim men in the station cheering at the TV coverage.

Goska suggests there are tried and true methods to assess truth, including Occam's Razor, multiple accounts, cui bono and consistency with otherwise verified data. All can be applied here.

Here are some examples which New Jersey station 101.5 quotes. Occam's Razor - numerous people giving both their first and last names and similar accounts - it is probably true.

Tom Penicaro: "I worked for PSEG in Clifton on the Paterson border and I witnessed it firsthand. They were celebrating in the streets, cheering and stomping on the flag. I'm a Marine and I remember very very clearly because I was so pissed I wanted to engage them with a bat I had in my van."

William Hugelmeyer: "I was working in the jail when the attacks occurred. Once it was clear it was a terrorist attack, we had inmates celebrating. This instantly caused a lockdown. As you could imagine, many other inmates and officers didn't share their jubilation."

John Pezzino: "They were in the streets banging on the cars trying to drive through the crowd in the street. The Muslims were shouting death to Americans and Allah is great - other crap I didn't understand. We were amused until a car with three young women mistakenly turned on to Main Street - the Muslims were banging on their windows and screaming ... that's when we came out of our car and pushed the Muslims off their car, then helped them back out and get back to the Parkway."

Walter Emiliantsev: "I lived in New Jersey at the time on DeMott Ave., Clifton. When I tried to go to Paterson to my brother-in-law's shop, I usually took Main Avenue. There were so many people dancing on Main, I couldn't get through! I KNOW what I saw!"

Cui bono - Who benefits from a statement. Goska reminds us that New Jersey has one of the largest Muslim populations in the U. S., after Michigan and Illinois. New Jersey Muslims wield political clout. Governor Christie nominated Sohail Mohammed for New Jersey Superior Court in spite of pressure concerning the Islamic belief in Sharia law and the fact one New Jersey judge had already ruled a Muslim man had the right to beat, torture and rape his 17-year-old wife because Islam granted him that right.

This may be one reason many in New Jersey did not willingly come forth with their names after they witnessed Islamic celebrations as the towers went down. Many did report as fact, however, that police, journalists and local officials downplayed or denied altogether some of these Muslim celebrations. This, for me, is very dangerous for it is putting fear in Americans where there should be no fear.

While Trump is not my choice for POTUS, he has caused one good thing to happen. Those who DID view these celebrations and kept quiet but who are now feeling a wave of censorship and demonization are now coming forward with what they saw.

Goska further reminds us of Paterson's Muslim population, where a 9-11 celebration is alleged to have taken place and which has the nickname, "Little Ramallah." So many Palestinian Muslims live there, most of the local businesses are named for Palestinian landmarks, they are vocal in their opposition to our friends the Israelis, and have flown the Palestinian flag over their City Hall. They often refer to Palestine as "our country" rather than the one they now live in. Hispanics make up much of the rest of the population and the mayor, Jose Torres, wore a kaffiyeh and supported making Ramallah their sister city. There is no doubt West Bank and Gaza Palestinians DID celebrate 9-11, for I remember watching them myself on TV.

Six of the 9-11 hijackers lived in Paterson, planning the attacks on nearby campus computers. The Boston bombers had also been allowed to enter our country as have many who have come here only to hurt us.

Americans are basically good people. Most of us grieve when innocents are murdered, no matter who or where they live. We take in more people than the rest of the world combined. We donate more money and goods than most of the rest of the world. Our soldiers were famous in both WWI and WWII for kindnesses. They still are in the Middle East and anywhere else they are stationed in harm's way.

In the Korean War, on Christmas Day, 1950, Captain Leonard LaRue and the crew of the USS Meredith Victory miraculously rescued 14,000 north Korean refugees fleeing from Chinese and Korean forces in a small merchant ship designed to hold unbelievably, only 12. And yet, all 14,000, standing for three harsh days were delivered to the island of Koje Do, not only unharmed but with five new infants delivered on board, a true Christmas miracle.

Such is our history and the true spirit of Americans, so it is hard for many of us to relate to cheering while people are dying such as happened on 9-11. To then have to keep mum about it in your own once-free country for fear of reprisals against you from the press, left wing professors and radical Muslims themselves adds insult to injury.

It isn't a large leap to believe there probably were many more cheering behind closed doors in America. We need to re-think the Founders original intent on who and who could not come into the United States for they had plenty to say about it, something we ignore these days.