Bullying had impact on entire community (Letter)

Recently I have been overcome with sadness as we near the holidays. I have been made aware of a young girl's suicide. If that news were not sad enough, it has been linked to bullying. There have been major problems with this topic in our community over the past few years - students dealing with immense amounts both at school and on social media.

This is a community issue, not just a parental issue or a school staff issue. We as a community need to find ways to offer the youth of our community ways to feel needed and important. We need outreach and we need zero tolerance to mean what it is supposed to.

When our middle schoolers and below are feeling there is no purpose to go on, that they just want their pain to end, it is a sad day to me. It equates to failures of adults to teach them coping mechanisms and to feel comfortable reaching out for help.

Our community needs to pull together, stand together and address this elephant in the room on all appropriate levels and ensure our children have available counseling, skills training and feel comfortable talking with adults in their lives.

Let's break the silence and stop the bullying.

Bridget Mills