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7:46 AM Sat, Oct. 20th

Christmas with Freddy and Sam

Hard to imagine that Christmas is already coming around again. That is one thing about December 25th, we get one every year!

As I try and think of a holiday story that I may not have already shared, I find that there are still a few that truly make me smile from the memories. Of course the ones that included Mom and Dad were the best, but Sister and I have made some of our own, as well.

When Sister and I first started living together, we both brought with us many Christmas decorations that we had collected. We had our favorites of course, and always found room for everything. We would set out small things that we saved from when our kids were little, even some very old tree ornaments that they had made in school. I recall one from when my granddaughter had her first Christmas. I hung it on the tree every year.

As the Christmas cards would begin arriving in the mail, we would tape them to the back of our front door. Usually we had enough to cover the door. It really looked nice. In between the hanging cards we would scatter some of those small package bows. The colors always added to the holiday look.

As years went on and the price of stamps went up, the number of cards we got was drastically reduced. One Christmas we had only a few to decorate the door with. We both agreed that it just did not look good. Sister remembered that we still had cards left that we did not send, as usual we bought too many. She suggested we should just put those cards on the door.

At first, I did not like the idea. "You know people are always looking at the cards when they come to visit and we can't just have blank ones all over."

What we decided to do was sign the cards! We could just try and use different handwriting and make up the names. It was brilliant! And no one would have to know how few cards we actually got.

We sat down at the kitchen table and began filling out Christmas cards to ourselves. Sister got very inventive with some of the names. "Freddy and Sam? Who the heck are Freddy and Sam?" We didn't know anyone by those names.

As we expected, every person who came over during the holiday had to go through and look at nearly every single card. We would often hear, "You guys really get a lot of cards. You must send out a bunch!"

At least three or four times someone has asked, "Who are Freddy and Sam?" Sister and I would just look at each other and laugh. I cannot recall ever really explaining WHO they were. I always enjoyed the comments we would get. "I think I remember Freddy and Sam. Aren't they cousins from Los Angeles?" As well as, "Aren't Freddy and Sam your old neighbors that moved away?" And how about, "Freddy and Sam know us too, why didn't we get a card from them?"

So, as Christmas 2015 is swiftly approaching, I find that our current front door does not hold cards! At least not with scotch tape. We decided that perhaps this year we will just put them all over the place. Magnet them to the refrigerator, stand them on end tables, you know the drill.

As we do each and every year now, we will proudly display a nice card from Freddy and Sam ... just so people will know they sent us a card. Oh yeah, let me know if they send you one.