Letter: Independents jump through hoops

Arizona has an issue: 30 percent registered Democrat, 30 percent registered Republican, and 40 percent registered Independent or no preference. How dumb is it that 40 percent of registered voters are ineligible to vote in our presidential preference election on March 22? In addition, each of us must change our registration to either Democrat or Republican no later than Feb. 22 in order to be allowed to vote in the March 22 election.

Easy enough to change affiliation as it can all be done online. Once changed to the party of your choice, you can name the person you wish that party's delegates to vote for at their national convention.

So, Independents, please select the party of your choice and make this simple change so you can help select who's going to be on the real ballots. In my own case, I've changed to Democrat so I can vote for Bernie Sanders in the Presidential Preference election in March. Easy enough to change back to Independent once that election is over.

But I consider it silly to have to jump through these hoops. Much prefer open primaries where all reasonable candidates are on a single ballot. Pick the top three from the primary and put them on the final ballot. Past time for the two party system to go away.

George Catt