Another wealth redistribution scheme (Letter)

"A turning point for the world: Obama praises global climate change pact in WH address."

Let's see if I understand this right. The whole agreement is based on voluntary participation and compliance. There are no penalties for failure. Smaller, less industrialized nations will be given technology, money and help to create and adopt non-polluting means of energy production.

This is just another lie by the powers that be at a news conference to make everyone think they are on point concerning global warming.

"More than 2,400 coal-fired power stations are under construction or being planned around the world, a study has revealed two weeks after Britain pledged to stop burning coal.

"The new plants will emit 6.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and undermine the efforts at the Paris climate conference to limit global warming to 2C. China is building 368 plants and planning a further 803, according to the study by four climate change research bodies, including Ecofys and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

"India is building 297 and planning 149. Rich countries are also planning new coal plants. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima has prompted Japan to turn back to coal, with 40 plants in the pipeline and five under construction." - Ben Webster, The Times.

So what we have here is nothing more than another grand scheme on a global scale to redistribute wealth.

William Ressegue