Guest Column: Are fools running our country?

Dear Senators,

You may think this is the raving of senile old people, but nonetheless I'm going to tell you what I think. My family has been in this country since the pilgrims and even before, since I am 1/34 American Indian. We have family members who have fought and some died for the principles our country was founded on.

We love the country we live in and regardless of the tones from the White House and the president's so-called administration, this is a Judeo-Christian country founded from biblical laws. Our laws allow immigrants to come here as long as they followed the laws we stand by, not just bring people in willy-nilly and they can form their own laws they plan to enforce upon all of us.

Since the man called Obama has been in office, he has done everything possible to change the face of America to fit his personal standards and no one has taken him to task. It's as if all you politicians are more concerned about your retirement than you are about your country or the people you serve. That would be us. You certainly have been there way too long and we'll see what we can do to help you retire and sit in a rocker on your porches. We the people are damn angry at the incompetence and aristocratic attitudes of Washington, D.C.

If we the American people had done what many in D.C. have done, we'd be brought up for treason and locked away in some jail cell. This president is a traitor to the people he has sworn to protect and needs to be impeached now, not later. He has another year to wreak havoc on Americans.

Petitions are being signed as we speak to impeach him and anyone else who thinks we aren't serious. No, we will not give up our guns and allow those who want us dead to come on in and get us, no fuss, no muss. It is our constitutional right to bear arms and protect ourselves from anyone who would bring harm to our families or our country no matter who that is. Many of you have served our country and even been POWs. You should remember why you served and went through so much.

This leader in the Oval Office has done more to divide us than any president ever. He is a disgrace to the office.

I talk to people every day and they are mad. We have homeless vets, men, women and children, yet we will take on people from other countries and promise them more than we do our own citizens. The country I look at today isn't the country we once had. We are morally bankrupt and getting worse by the day.

I was on a community Muslim site out of Phoenix the other day and the first thing Muslims wanted to let us know is that when there are so many of them they will use the power of the vote to get the changes they want. Is this what you want, to be changed into a Sharia state because we aren't wise enough to vet people coming into our country and know whether they will go by our laws? Do we have nothing but fools running our country? You guys have enough money to leave after the mess is made; most of us are stuck with what you've left us.

We are for impeachment of Obama and to get him out ASAP before he does something that can't be taken back. Help us.