Faith: Tastes of heaven amid fiery trials

But when it pleased God ... Galatians 1:15

"Surprise, here I am!" God seems to have been saying that a lot lately, through the big things, and through many little things too. I love it. I love Him! The more often I embrace the cross, the nearer I draw to the very throne of our heavenly Father. Once there, I cannot help but weep tears of joy and of awe over the manner in which He continually offers little tastes of heaven in the midst of innocuous mundane occurrences, fiery trials, and moments of transcendence. With each beat of His heart I find a little more healing grace, a greater desire to please Him, a strength I didn't have before entering into His presence.

God's provision in every tiny detail of our lives will become more monumental to us the more we worship Him in Spirit and truth, when we ponder His Holy Word, and when we listen for His voice through the stillness. Yes, it pleases God.

Somewhat behind the times (OK, very much behind the times), I had purchased a $20 simple prepaid-minutes cell phone a few years back, thinking it prudent to have a form of communication available while driving across the country in the absence of human companionship. My youngest once said in reference to my cell phone, "Mom, you need a plan." I told her that I have a plan, and I'm very happy with it. Oh, a telephone with gadgets and emails and picture shooting availability might be nice and all, but having been born in the wrong century, I wouldn't even know what to do with it. I really like my cell phone. It meets my needs perfectly, it works wherever I go, and though costly by the minute, its minimal use translates into about $60 a year.

Well, I recently thought my cell phone graveyard dead and determined to find it a new battery. Instead, my family decided they would solve my problem. "I've got a cell phone you can have, Mom." "Grammy, I can fix your cell phone. I've got batteries." And from my loving husband, "It could be the charger. I've got one that might work." Well, the batteries didn't fit, the alternative charger could not be found, and basically, I didn't want another cell phone. I liked mine. I went on a search for a new battery only to discover that the starting price was twice what I had paid for the phone.

About to toss my faithful traveling companion into the garbage, I said a little prayer and tried to charge it up one more time. Of course it wouldn't work. A final scrutiny revealed that I had neglected to add minutes in time to meet the new adding-minutes deadline.

I shouted, "Praise the Lord!" and thanked God for the glimmer of recognition that saved my cell phone from the trash heap. Later, during quiet communion with Him, my nose and eyes began to sting with gratitude for the uncountable ways in which He cares about every tiny aspect in every moment of our lives, whether our dilemma poses sensible or silly.

Jesus wept for lost souls while walking as a man. It's possible He still weeps before the Father in intercession, yes, for your conflicts of paramount dimension. He cares deeply when that cherished heart of yours breaks. He desires to hold you, His precious child, to comfort you as you grieve, to heal and refresh, to offer you beauty for ashes, and victory for pain.

If God wants to show up even for the ridiculously small stuff, certainly He will not leave you in the lurch with your important concerns.

Q: Do I need some God sense for my nonsense? Do I need some God comfort for my brokenness? I need you, Lord, through all things. Today I ask ...

Adapted from "Boldly I Come, Lord ..." You may email Dianne Finnegan Wilson by visiting