'Jupiter Ascending' not perfect, but it's good enough if you're a sci-fi fan

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

This is one of the more original movie ideas I've seen in a long time - and better yet, it's science-fiction. You may see something in "Jupiter Ascending" that strikes you as vaguely reminiscent of other movies and superheroes, but it's definitely not a repeat of any one movie.

The Wachowski's (Lana and Andy) tell a story as ground-breakingly original as their idea for "The Matrix," and the cast mostly consists of familiar faces rather than high-powered celebrities.

Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is the main character, and she spends most of her time getting into situations that require her to be rescued. Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) fills the role of rescuer. Kunis falls through the sky, space and other worlds so many times, Tatum will need to turn in his jet boots for their 100,000 mile tuneup. He's always there to save her at the last second.

The movie starts out interestingly enough, but then switches to Kunis's normal everyday life, creating long periods of boredom followed by adrenaline-producing action sequences. I haven't seen Kunis play a major role like this, perhaps for a reason. There isn't a lot for her character to do, but she does play it well.

Tatum relies heavily on his jet boots. When he first comes to save Kunis, he darts around so fast it's difficult to appreciate what he's doing. His actions get better as the movie goes on.

Tatum recruits an old partner, Stinger Apini (Sean Bean), to help him get Kunis to where she needs to go. But it's Balem Abrasax (Eddie Redmayne) who really carries the day as the villain. You have to listen closely because his speech is a low monotone, almost a whisper, except for a few times when he completely goes off the scale in a yelling rage.

As noted, this is a sci-fi movie, so there are plenty of alien creatures, space ships and foreign worlds. Brace yourself for lots of computer graphics, expansive battle scenes and even a chase.

The characters are mostly shallow and only developed enough to carry the plot. It would have been nice to see Kunis take some of the load off of Tatum in a few of those fight scenes. Maybe it will happen in a sequel, which would go along way toward answering plenty of questions left hanging in "Jupiter Rising."

The film is rated PG-13, probably for the violence even though there wasn't much blood and gore. It's about 207 minutes long. Though I've done a bit of grumbling here, I enjoyed the graphics and the story. I'll give it 2 ½ out of 4 Miners.