Beyond the Mainstream Media: Life in Obamaland

Today, sadly, we learned the 26-year-old Prescott woman, an aid worker in Islamic countries, has now been declared murdered. Not to worry, though, because Obama is on it. He declared he's sad, it's hard, and no matter how long it takes, he'll get those darned "bad guys." You know, the ones we rightly call Islamic Muslim Jihadists, whose goal is to kill (whack in the neck - thanks Quran) all unbelievers, establish a Caliphate, take over the world and with enough blood and guts, they'll usher in their Mahdi. He cannot come if there is peace here.

We Christians await one also. He's actually known AS the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Interestingly enough, these two have a common ancestor named Abraham, but one was born illegitimately. I'll let you guess which one.

One might recall, a goal of the now dead Osama bin Laden was to get as

many Muslims stationed in the U. S. as possible so as Jihadists continue to hit our country, their people will already be here on the ground waiting. And they are. In fact, the first Sharia court is going up in, of all places, Irving, TX.

England allowed one. There are now over 65 sharia courts in England.

So that's working out nicely for them with the help of Barack Hussein Obama, the first half-Arabic U. S. President, the son of a Kenyan Muslim (or someone), raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, attended prayers with a Muslim step-father, attended a white-hating, U. S.-hating church for 20 years, a church which taught anything but Christianity. In fact, the pastor who mentored/married Obama damned our country. So, as you can see, he was certainly qualified and well versed in our way of life to be an American president - not once, but twice. Unbelievable!

The first help has come with Obama's open borders policy. They come from near and far, illegal, no-innoculations, no vetting, no actual knowledge at all of who they even are. One thing is sure. They will never, ever be assimilated Americans as our founders intended, and they will be given, or already have, jobs Americans need. Our true unemployment rate is 10%.

And if you're one of the 5 million illegal lucky ones Obama has illegally found a way to keep here, you get a bonus. Citizens are backed up as these illegals are hurriedly given Social Security cards, signed up to vote, then automatically, because they are poor, are given the Earned Income Tax Credit. It gets better. They then get to apply for it retroactively for the past three years and each illegal head of household can get $24,000. Obama is just soooo giving.

Like this giving act we learned just today. Obama is giving $25 million in lethal weapons to Lebanon to go straight to Hezbollah and Iran and NOTHING to our actual friends in the Ukraine to fight the Russians. Country by country, Obama has armed our enemies and dissed our friends. We are a joke worldwide. And, as liberal Professor Jonathan Turley is warning, WE ARE AT THE TIPPING POINT.

One explanation is that Obama has been proven to have been affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood while in college. He continues the ties with these terrorists to this day. Not only do they go in and out of our White House as if they own the place, they are now in positions in high places. Why, he just had a few dozen of them into the White House for a "secret" meeting, several of whom are even on terrorist watch lists. Unbelievable.

This was around the same time the "bad guys" burned alive a Jordanian fighter pilot in a cage, and filmed it for 22 minutes. At the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama reminded us to not get "on our high horse" for only 1,000 years ago, we had the Crusades and Inquisition where we did the same thing in the name of Jesus.

Do you notice, Obama not only fails to address the real enemy, he also NEVER says Islam kills in the name of Mohammed. He does blame Christians for killing in the name of Christ. Strange!

He also neglected to mention that nearly all of Europe and the Mideast was Christian and for 700 years Islamic Jihadists killed millions and millions in all those lands (pogroms in Christian Russia, Turks, Spain, etc.), slaughtering them in the most heinous of ways, forcing many into servitude, taking their women and possessions, forcing Jews they didn't kill to pay them taxes monthly just to stay alive.

The Crusades were AFTER the 700 years of Jihad, Christians trying to take back but SOME of their stolen land, they lasted 200 years max and covered a much smaller area.

Mr. Obama also mentioned our guilt concerning slavery and Jim Crowe. Not a single Republican ever owned a slave. All the slave owners were Democrats. The KKKwas created by Democrats. Martin Luther King was a Christian and a registered Republican who fought for equality. And William Wilberforce, Christian, fought vociferously against slavery in England even as Christians in America began fighting against it in America.

And then there is our good friend, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the recent hoopla about his invitation to speak to our House and Senate on the Iranian problem. Netanyahu was invited by Speaker Boehner. Obama did not know ahead of time and was furious.

Actually, he was told by Israel and true to his anti-semitism, as evidenced by former behavior, he refused to even respond, then sent his goons behind the scenes to Israel to try to upset the upcoming re-election of Netanyahu in Israel.

More under-reported news: Obama wants a bill passed allowing him to bomb anywhere in the world at his own whim. What a grand idea. More unrestrained power for Obama.

When Obama was on Fox News, he was asked if the "bad guys" (Muslim jihadist terrorists) and fear of them in the U. S. was over-rated. He responded yes, that in our country, "if it bleeds, it leads" and that is what Americans like to see. As if ISIS really is the junbior varsity, as he told us a year ago ... except that they are now in 13 countries compared to one a year ago. Not to worry. He added, he can't seem to get through to us that the real problem is that climate change is going to hurt us much more than those "bad guys randomly" shooting up a deli in Paris.

With my blood boiling, I say it wasn't random. Muslim Jihadist terrorists specifically picked out a Jewish neighborhood, went into a KOSHER Jewish deli, screamed they were there to kill Jews and then they killed the Jews.

To make it even worse, Jen Psaki, a young woman speaking for our government, so inept, her IQ appears that equal to a plum, blew the Kosher deli slaughter off also, indicating again, it was random, all weren't Jews.

Again, how dare you!!!

Liberal Professor Turley is right. America is in a bad way. Obama will

be gone in two years but it will take years, if ever, to undo the damage he

has done to us. Even scarier is the fact there are still dopes like Alan

Colmes who think Obama walks on water. And even scarier yet, young

people on every campus are being taught by Marxist professors just like

Obama. God help us all!.

Last but most importantly, rest in peace, Kayla Jean Mueller, fellow

Arizonan. You, of all people, represent the best of us Americans. You

went without being asked, you gave all that you had. You comforted those

who needed comforting, cared for those who needed care no matter the

country, religion, color. You lived more in 26 years than most of us

(except our soldiers) live in a lifetime.

Actually, I'm not surprised. That's how so many Americans just are.

You're in His arms forever now and our world is just a bit better for

you're having passed this way. Your heartbroken family will be in

many a prayer for a very long time.