Letter: Rulings don't change the facts

I just got my tax packet from my CPA. The IRS' questions appear to be more intrusive each successive year, even though the 16th Amendment was never ratified, as various judges and even IRS officials acknowledge. The federal income tax came into play with the Federal Reserve's creation - money had to come from somewhere to pay that interest out the gate for that privately-held institution's fiat money. Welcome to lawless America, where police cameras are installed everywhere without any public forum, surveillance is epic and growing by leaps and bounds as you read this, and those phalanxes of storm troopers crushing all overt dissent towards crippling globalist treaties which themselves have crushed the pursuit of happiness in this country (if happiness includes worthy employment), well, these could have come out of a George Lucas Star Wars film scene.

Like so much of what this government says, the rule of law should be understood as its opposite, like the Patriot Act which the founders of this country gave their lives to prevent. Somebody will reply that a judge here or there has ruled some of this stuff to be legal. Even if that were the case, so what? They could rule that the earth is flat. Doesn't change the facts.

Philip Lundquist

Bullhead City