Beyond the Mainstream Media: Harf a Brain Not Quite Better Than None in Obama Administration

Maria Harf

Maria Harf

It's hard to keep up with these bloodthirsty savages:

• 45 being burned alive in Iraq by ISIS;

• News the young Prescott woman was murdered by them;

• The Jordanian fighter pilot burned alive by Isis and the film shown to the world;

• Several dozen Egyptian Coptic Christians being beheaded by Isis.

And after all that, we got this from Deputy State Department official Maria Harf, who was being interviewed by Chris Matthews.

Harf said killing ISIS would do no good, that what they needed were jobs so they wouldn't be inclined to sign up for this type thing. After I regained my composure, I wondered who on earth would put a woman this ill informed and frankly plain stupid in a high position in the State Department to speak for them.

It is almost beyond belief. Is Harf unaware of what Islam teaches, that to usher in their Mahdi there must be blood shed all over the earth and that is exactly what they are doing? Does she not understand that some Muslim children are taught at a young age they are expected to martyr themselves to help this along? Does she honestly believe it is about not enough jobs - like a bunch of dudes hanging around the slums of Chicago, getting into trouble because under Obama, the unemployment rate for youth in that area is 50 percent? Let's not spoil the "happy days are here again" narrative.

Beyond embarrassing, this woman should be immediately fired. We have violent Islamic terrorists committing acts we haven't seen since the ovens of Europe and this is what she comes up with? Jobs???? While Obama basically does nothing to stop ISIS?

Speaking of the Jews, now threatened on every side by the unspeakable ISIS violence surrounding them, Israel is welcoming them to their country. And many Jews are coming to Israel and they will forever be welcomed and are in the prayers of millions of Christians daily. Christians and Jews are being targeted to die by this evil calling itself ISIS, and it has nothing to do with those committing the acts needing jobs.

Who knows what wake up call it will take in America. One would think 9-11 was enough but it was not.

Obama - Stopped in His Tracks For Now

God bless the hero judge in Texas, first in his Baylor law class, writing an outstanding opinion concerning Obama's feckless try to push through a pathway to citizenship for over five million illegals, justifying it under prosecutorial discretion. This executive amnesty is illegal and Obama knows it is for he has so stated himself a number of times, stating he is not a king, then going right ahead and doing it illegally anyway.

His plan has been to find a way to keep them here (just temporarily you understand) illegally, then rush them through for driver licenses, Social Security cards, voter registration, $20,000 or more for some from the Earned Income Tax Credit (retro-active for three years) after illegally giving them work authorization in spite of many of them working here illegally. That last sentence wore me out. You might want to read it again to get all the good stuff.

Also, illegals are getting help with housing, and we're even allowing them into our military in spite of our own American soldiers being shoved out; basically, entrenching them here to the point they would never leave.

Not so fast, said the wise Texas judge. No further until this works it's way through the courts and is ruled upon. You will NOT be allowed, for now, to entrench them here until a ruling.

We have no real clue who any of these people even are, but try, as a citizen, getting back into our country without proving who you are and see how far you get. Some illegals are children born here of illegals, making them also illegal. Some have overstayed visas, some children came with no parents, some simply sneaked in. All we need to know is they are all illegal and must not be allowed amnesty - and a wide majority of Americans agree with this. We live by laws, and Mr. Obama needs to be held to our laws no matter where he really came from.

Next: Sen. McConnell, follow Harry Reid's lead and suspend the filibuster rule. As the liberal plan is pushed to blame Republicans for a possible Department of Homeland Security shutdown because Republicans in the House refused to fund illegal amnesty for five million illegals here, the bill is now in the Senate where the Democrats seem prepared to vote against it. Congress does NOT have to fund the unconstitutional parts of a bill, and Obama's antics with the illegals is certainly unconstitutional.

In truth, 80 percent of the DHS personnel stay on duty and are paid because they are considered essential. The lib press and Jeh Johnson, DHS head, are screaming that it will be a catastrophe. A complete lie - national security never shuts down.

Furthermore, Senate Majority Leader McConnell needs to suspend the filibuster rule just as Harry Reid did whenever the mood struck him, or when he wanted only left wing judges on the benches. End result, only 51 votes needed to pass a bill. It could be used to get rid of Obamacare also.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Call McConnell and

advise him to do just that.

And incidentally, under the now-Republican Congress, they are back to doing our business the way it was intended, with every side getting their say and nothing is being done in secret as under Pelosi and Reid. In fact, Congress put through more bills in their first few weeks than Reid allowed for a vote through the Senate in all of 2014.

And now, if the Democrats in the Senate don't like this bill that refuses to fund illegal amnesty for multiple millions, they can NOW, under the Republicans, offer their own amendments to the bill and count on it being voted on. They have NO excuses now.