Letter: This can be a time of change

Just like anything in the old school, yes, women can be managers, CEOs and run companies. Yes, women can be U.S. senators and we will soon see a woman president. Yes, as Oprah expressed, being a bigot is learned behavior on both sides and every year means the passing of one more bigot and the birth of one more open mind.

We no longer tolerate the racism in professional sports, in Congress, on TV or in movies, at the drinking fountain or the lunch counter. This is America and we don't tolerate stagnation or "if it was good enough for my father its good enough for me."

The Constitution was created and adapted for change. Not the unilateral change of elites leaders in Washington, but the change that comes from we the people. We the people of this great nation will not tolerate backward thinking, bigots, racism, anti-religious views, the blocking of free speech or freedom of the press or ignorance of our laws or the common disrespect of authority to enforce our laws.

We are a nation of laws. So when we the people see our government releasing prison inmates before their time, allowing those who entered our country illegally a way to stay, witness our government's failure to secure our border, use the IRS as political weapon, spy on every American, lie to every American and accuse every American of being lazy, stupid, ignorant, being a terrorist, and lacking compassion, I have to say that our government no longer represents or defends the freedoms and liberties we the people have worked and sacrificed for, fought and died for.

Once, someone asked me what my little voice in this little town could ever hope to accomplish. I must reply that nothing will come from my writing. Unless you the people respond can I hope to change minds and influence change.

William Ressegue